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All meeting agendas, notes, ideas for conference themes and speakers will be added to the wiki.

June 2nd update: It was good to see you all on wednesday and to continue our conversations around the conference themes and further ideas for the programme and speakers. Thanks again for taking the time to review speaker proposals from the review site (which closes end of Monday 6 June), I am very grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedules to do this, your comments are of great value.

I feel its been a mixed bag with the proposals this year, we have some solid papers - but the hunt is on for innovative speakers and case studies especially around our mobile theme, to make sure this year's programme is a stand out Online conference!
Ive added the notes from the meeting below, updated the keynote speakers page and addded in our ideas for straplines.

Please can you initial your favourite strapline by June 13th

Ive also added a 'Speaker ideas' page - please add in any speaker ideas you might have.

To remind you of timelines: Once the review site closes, I will start looking at what we cover on each day, 'the story' for each day, and the balance of tracks. I will send you the initial programme structure for your comments and following this more detailed sessions will be plotted in with papers we want to include from the CFS as well as other speakers we want to invite. The invitation process starts mid-June (close to 100 invites will be sent out), starting with the track keynotes. I may call on you for ideas and/or for you to introduce me to any of your contacts who might be able to help/speak. I will send you versions of the programme as it develops so you can see progress made. The invitation process takes some time - however the deadline for the programme is July 22nd so it all needs to be wrapped up then, this is when the final version is sent to our printers and the printed brochure is made up, ready to land on desks for September 1st!

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Conference themes 2011

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