June 1st Notes From The Meeting

Committee member comments are initialled:

1. Any new areas we need to cover since our meeting in February?

Big data:
Big Data is a big issue and we need to pull it into the agenda somewhere. Can potentially cover a wide variety of topics, including open data, visualization, smart cities, analytics, apps. It’s partly IT but mainly how masses of data are now being generated and the opportunities for doing something with this data (SD)

Big data is an emerging area, consider including some sessions on it but not a whole track (LC)
Would be good to have a session looking at how big data is being addressed in academia/government
Need to look at high performance computing opportunities for IM/Librarians and issues around data storage (RD)

Tony Hirst and Dave Pattern are doing work in this area

Academic libraries also - how they are looking after data in their organisations; keeping recrds are important, how are they doing it
David Ball paper

Others to approach:
Graham Stone, E-Resources Manager and Repositeer at Huddersfield Uni., UKSG Secretary (RD)
Lynne Brindley, BL - BL Strategy 202 includes how they are coping with big data
BL have data sets managers (SW)

JISC: Managing research data/Improving data management
John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester
Lorraine Beard, Head of Information Systems, maDAM Project

2. Wider discussion on conference themes

Going mobile, going global theme:
Fall of the web - rise of the app
How to understand platforms/which platform - whether you are a consumer or a publisher e.g. mobile/ebooks/apps
Personal vs. professional use

Severe lack of solid case studies submitted via CFS - need ideas from both academic and corporate:
Edinburgh City Libraries has an app (HH)
LexisNexis trialling 'Loseleaf' ebooks - GS - Gwenda I have tried looking this up but am not sure Ive found the right thing, can you provide another sentence about this?

Need to use examples from other industries - lessons learned from other industries using apps and how those lessons apply to our industry e.g. National Bicycle Network (HH)

Taken off at BL (SW)
Kent Local Authorities using Yammer (SD)

Concept of 'applification' (AN)
Will everything be 'applified' and

Government ideas:
Office of National Statistics could speak (RD)
Met Office Library (focusing on data sets and images)

Social media, community and collaboration
National Library of Finland - can speak on crowdsourcing (SW & AN)

Semantic web, open and linked data, open standards
Poor proposal response - explained due to technical slant? Needd to focus on the 'value/what use' does this tech bring, perhaps re-name to:
Delivering value through open data/service delivery through new technologies (SD)
What are people doing with data, data is the enabler, what does that mean for me? (SD)
French government - speaker?

Cloud computing
Drop this as a separate theme and incorporate the 'value proposition' of cloud computing into another theme (LC)

3. Update on interactive ideas discussed in meeting 1
1. Knowledge Cafe - David Gurteen to run, before networking drinks, end of D1
Theme of cafe to be discussed with David (LC)

2. Speed networking/knowledge markets/Simpl.co
Committee in agreement social networking ideas are worth further investigation
Lorna and Steve Dale to discuss with Dominic Campbell who would facilitate this about how this would work, pre-event and onsite

3. New gadgets playground
Needs to be discussed with phone manufacturers later in the year to see if they have any new products out that they would like to demo/showcase at Online (LC)

4. Twitter Moderators at the conference:
Need to invite a number of high profile tweeters for this.
In return for a free conference place they would be responsible for monitoring the twitter flow for their room, directing twitter questions to the moderator
List of people to approach (PhB):
@joeyanne Jo Alcock
@smilylibrarian Katy Wrathall
@walkyouhome Lauren Smith
@bethanR Beth Ruddock
@Sarahbrarian Sarah Oxford
@wigglesweets Emma Illingworth
@sarahjison Sarah Ison
@usernametaken10 Richard Dawkins

Stephanie Mckenna - could be a good person to lead this initiative (HH)

Need to create a twitter list of all the name and link to the conference twitter account.

5. Use QR codes (Phb)
Ask speakers to do a 1 or 2 minute webcam about their presentation then QR code in (LC - not quite sure I grasped this)
Scoop.it (AN and PhB) - LC - need to research further