June 1st Agenda

1) Call for speakers - review of conference themes

Since the last meeting and the proposals we have received - are there any new areas we want to include, or themes we need to drop? Within each broad theme what are the sub-topics we want to cover?

What about the concept of ‘big data’ – we need to cover this, do we cover as a separate theme or incorporate into what we already have?

The future of the profession 27
Search and information discovery 25
Social Media, community and collaboration 24
Going Mobile, Going Global 18
eBooks: A new model for publishing 10
Semantic web, open and linked data, open standards 7
Innovation in service provision 6
Cloud computing 5

2) Review of keynote - What's happening with the opening keynote?

Keynote wish list:
1. Brian Solis, Author ‘Engaged’
2. Craig Newmark
3. Robert Scoble
4. Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion

Keynote speakers for Day two and Day three
1. Rachel Botsman, Author ‘What’s mine is yours: The rise of Collaborative Consumption’ – Based in Oz, can only do a pre-recorded presentation with 15 minutes live Q&A via skype
2. Professor George von Krogh, Professor at ETH Zurich and holds the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation. He is also the Head of ETH Zurich's Department of Management, Technology, and Economics – not yet approached
3. Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor of the Open University – not yet approached, also recommended by Karen Blakeman
4. Someone from Twitter

Two more names that have recently come up and would be track keynote ideas, has anyone heard them speak?

Ted Schadler, VP and Principal Analyst, Content & Collaboration, Forrester, Author of ‘Empowered’ (on how business can leverage mobile, social, video, cloud, internet, to improve the (information) services they provide to their customers).

Jacob Morgan, Principal, Chess Media Group and Author ‘Twittfaced – Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media’. Jacob’s blog is ranked among the top 100 most influential marketing blogs in the world by AdAge. http://www.jmorganmarketing.com/about

3) Update on interactive ideas discussed in previous meeting
1. Knowledge café – David Gurteen - to run in one of the conference rooms D1 before networking drinks

2. Speed networking / Knowledge Markets/ (1 minute madness idea) - Dominic Campbell/FutureGov, Simpl.co

3. Twitter moderator – Need ideas for names of people who would do this, Hazel do you have any students or Stella any new professionals? They would receive a free conference place in exchange for tweeting throughout the day in the conference rooms.

4. New gadgets playground

4) Brainstorm strap lines for the conference:

Please bring along any ideas you might have. Last year we had:

Discover new ways of working in the linked and social web

This year would be good to have something that includes mobile, new devices

LUNCH: 12.45-13.00

5) Programme structure

Whilst keeping in mind our core audience (Information Professionals), we need to consider how these themes should be best balanced against each other and whether anything is missing or needs to be dropped. In this meeting we need to get the ball rolling with establishing track themes and finalising the formula for the tracks/sessions.
Discussion of tracks: names and focus of tracks

Tracks in 2010:
Exploiting open and linked data
Harnessing opportunity from the social web and the cloud
Information Professionals demonstrating value and impact
New platforms and user behaviours for delivering content

Tracks in 2011:

Suggestions for names – do you agree/disagree/have another suggestion?

1. Mobile platforms: Strategies for effectively responding to new channels and devices

2. Exploiting open and linked data – keep as same name?

3. Harnessing opportunity from the social web and the cloud – or something like ‘Social Media: Business as Usual’?

4. The future of the profession
(to include new skills, new roles, evolving roles, adding value)

Other ideas?

Also need to consider:
- the ‘story’ over the three days
- balancing the tracks over the three days
- practical sessions in which tracks

5) Ideas for track keynotes & more speaker ideas

Need ideas for speakers and case studies around mobile and new devices especially librarians

Ideas for speakers who can talk about privacy and security issues around mobile

6) Timelines for the rest of the year